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Drill Rod Drill Rod
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Drill Rod
Oil Hardened & Water Hardened

Drill Rod Tolerances

Size Range Plus or Minus
2.000 To .500 .001
499 To .125 .005
.124 and Smaller .003

TMT offers Drill Rod in a variety of metals.

Please call for sizing and additional information.

DR O-1 An electric furnace melt oil-hardening tool steel supplied with a fully spheroidized structure. It is a non-shrinking general purpose tool steel. It has excellent abrasion resistance, toughness, and machinability characteristics.

Analysis: C .85-1.00, Mn 1.00-1.40, Cr .40-.60, Si .50 Max, W .40-.60, V .15-.50

Heat Treatment: Sections smaller than 1/4" heat to 1450 - 1475 F and hold until heated through. For larger sections, preheat to 1200 F, then raised to 1450 - 1500 F to hardening temperature, hold one-half hour per inch of cross section. Quench in oil at 125 - 150 F and temper immediately.

O-1 Sizes Available
O-1 Metric Size Available

DR A-2 Is a fine grain, electric furnace air-hardening, 5% chrome tool steel. It is a superior quality steel which has excellent wear and abrasion resistance properties. It is furnished with a fully-spheroidized structure and is free of decarb and other surface imperfections.

Analysis: C .95-1.25, Mn 1.00 Max, Cr 4.75-5.50, Mo .90-1.40, V .15-.50

Heat Treatment: Preheat thoroughly at 1450 F, then raise to hardening temperature 1725 F - 1800 F and soak uniformly. For larger sections, use high side; for thin or smaller sections use low side. Quench in still air or dry air blast at 125 - 175 F, then temper immediately.

A-2 Sizes Available

DR W-1 Most popular, versatile, and least expensive grade of drill rod. The through hardening quality of W-1 affords optimum response in service. Its high carbon content allows it to be used often without heat treatment for maintenance applications. It is a fine grained electric furnace melted commercial grade tool steel which is supplied in the fully spheroidized decarb free condition.

Analysis: C .90-1.05, Mn .30-.50, Si .10-.25

Heat Treatment: Preheat thoroughly at 1425 - 1500 F. Hold one half hour per inch of section, quench in water (brine). Sizes below 9/32 inch round may be quenched in oil.

W-1 Sizes Available

DR S-7 An excellent shock steel that can be and is often used in hot work applications where the tool temperature does not exceed 1000 F. Hi shock combines the qualities of high strength and good ductility for cold and medium hot work applications.

Analysis: C .45-.55, Mn .20-.80, Si .20-1.00, Cr 3.0-3.5, V .20-.30, Mo 1.30-1.80

Heat Treatment: Preheat thoroughly at 1200-1300 F and then raised to hardening temperature of 1725 F. Hold for one hour and quench in still air. Upon reaching 150 F, steel should be tempered without delay.

S-7 Sizes Available


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