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Steel Products

Steel Plates
Steel Plates
Steel Plates, Metal Plates, Alloy Plates

TMT sells a large variety of metal plate from low carbon to steel alloy. TMT handles many standard sizes for ASTM A 36, commercial quality, .40 to .50, A572 Grade 50 and T-1 type B.

Steel Sheets
Steel Sheets
Steel Sheets, Metal & Alloy Sheets

TMT sells a hot rolled steel sheet hot rolled commercial quality, dry and commercial quality hot rolled pickled and oiled. Below is a list of steel sheet available.

Bar Stock
Bar Stock
Bar Stock, Steel Bars, Steel Rounds, Steel Flats

TMT handles steel bars, steel rounds, hot rolled, cold finished, alloy bars, and most are available in rounds, squares, strips, flats, and half rounds.

Metal Tubing
Steel Tubing, Round Mechanical, Hot Finished Seamless, Cold Drawn Seamless

TMT handles metal tubing in cold drawn seamless, hot finished seamless, drawn over mandrel, butt welded and structural tubing types.

Metal Pipe
Steel Pipes, Continuous Butt Welded Standard Pipe, Electric Welded Steel Pipe, Standard Seamless Pipe

TMT handles metal pipes and they are available in carbon, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Angle Iron
Angle Iron
Steel Angles & L-Shapes Angle Iron

Thompson Metal & Tubing handles steel angles and L-shape angle iron.

Steel Beams
Beams, Steel I Beams, Structural Beams, Wide Flange

TMT handles beams, steel I-beams, structural beams and wide flange beams.

Steel Channels
Steel Channels
Steel Channels, C-Shapes Channels Structural Steel, MC-Shapes Miscellaneous Channels

TMT handles a large selection of steel channels, C-shapes, and MC-shapes miscellaneous structural steel channels.

Flat Ground Stock
Flat Ground Stock
Flat Ground Stock, Gauge Stock, Tool Steel

TMT handles a large selection of flat ground stock, or gauge stock and tool steel.

Drill Rod
Drill Rods
Drill Rods, Oil Hardened, Water Hardened, Tool Steel

TMT handles a large selection of oil hardened and water hardened drill rod.

Threaded Rod
Threaded Rods
Threaded Rod, Tool Steel

TMT offers threaded rods in a variety of metals.

Spring Steel Coil
Spring Steel Coils
Spring Steel, Coil Steel, Blue Tempered, Annealed

TMT offers spring steel coils in hot rolled blue tempered polished and scaleless, and cold rolled annealed.

Expanded Metal
Expanded Metal, Expanded Steel Flattened

TMT handles a large selection of expanded metal and expanded steel flattened.

Steel Grating
Grating, Open Steel Floor Grating, Standard Mesh, Close Mesh

Open steel floor grating may be used for many industrial purposes such as stair treads, cat-walks, drain covers and floor grating. Grating comes with a smooth-surface grating, or serrated-surface "Safety" grating. Also, grating has standard mesh types and closed mesh types.


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