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Oxy Fuel Cutting

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Oxy Fuel Cutting
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Executive Summary

   - Precision CNC Oxy Fuel Cutting Machines
   - Fast, accurate, flexible
   - Oxy Fuel cuts steel plate very quickly
   - Oxy Fuel cuts stainless steel and aluminum
   - Quick turnaround time

Added Services

   - Beveling
   - Stress Relieving
   - Blanchard Grinding
   - Deburring
   - Grit Blasting
   - Delivery

Oxy Fuel Cutting

As a specialty steel service center, TMT specializes in precision CNC Oxy Fuel cutting. The Oxy Fuel cutting machines are CNC controlled on DXF format. Just email us the DXF or CAD file and we can cut it. TMT has three oxy fuel cutting machines. The varieties of shapes that can be cut by a CNC oxy fuel cutter are almost limitless.

Oxy Fuel cutting is a chemical reaction between pure oxygen and steel to form iron oxide. Essentially, it is rapid, controlled rusting. A mixture of oxygen and fuel gas are used to preheat the metals surface or edge to its ignition temperature around 1800 degrees F. (bright red in color), but below the metals melting point. Then a jet of pure oxygen is directed at the heated area in a fine, high pressure stream. A vigorous exothermic chemical reaction takes place between the oxygen and metal forming an aluminum or iron oxide or rust. The pressure of the jet of oxygen blows away the slag or oxide forming a cavity. The burning head is moved at a constant speed to form a continuous cut.


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