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Plasma Cutting
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Plasma Cutting
Precision CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

ESAB Avanger 1 Plasma Cutting Machine

Executive Summary

   - Precision CNC Plasma Cutting Machines
   - Fast, accurate, flexible
   - Plasma cuts steel plate very quickly
   - Plasma cuts stainless steel and aluminum
   - Quick turnaround time

Added Services

   - Beveling
   - Stress Relieving
   - Blanchard Grinding
   - Deburring
   - Grit Blasting
   - Delivery

Precision Plasma Cutting

As a specialty steel service center, TMT specializes in precision CNC plasma cutting. The plasma cutting machines are CNC controlled on DXF format. Just email us the DXF or CAD file and we can cut it. TMT has two Avenger 1 plasma cutting machines. The varieties of shapes that can be cut by a CNC plasma cutter are almost limitless.

Allthough plasma cutting has been around since the early 1940's it is still an affective way to cut through carbon steel plate up to inch and a quarter thick. A plasma cutter works by sending an electrical arc through a gas field that is flowing through a restricted nozzle. The electric arc elevates the temperature of the gas to the point that it enters a plasma state. The plasma exits the nozzle at high speed. The electrical conductivity of the plasma arcs to the metal being cut completing the circuit. The high pressure plasma cuts through the molten metal.


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