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Grit Blasting

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Grit Blasting Services

Thompson Metals and Tubing offers grit blasting services for surface cleaning. Please call for additional information.

Grit Blasting

Grit Blasting is a process where abrasive particles are accelerated by high pressure air and blasted directly against a surface. The force of the impact from these high speed abrasive particles removes contaminants from the surface of the material and conditions the surface for finishing.

The typical applications grit blasting is used for include: roughening the surface for thermal spraying, painting, bonding or other coating operations; removing rust, scale, sand, or paint; removing burrs; providing a matte surface finish; removing flash from molded components; cosmetic surface enhancement or etching.

There are a number of materials used in grit blasting some are: aluminum oxide, white aluminum oxide, corn cobs, crushed glass grit, glass beads, plastic abrasives, pumice, silicon carbide, steel grit, steel shot and walnut shells.


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