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TMT's Has A Furnace For Stress Relieving

Stress relieving oven

TMT has a steel furnace for the use of stress relieving steel plates and parts. The furnace dimensions are 70 inches wide by 90 inches deep and 36 inches tall. It has high temperature capability of 1150F.

Casting, welding, cutting, or burning steel causes stresses due to thermal cycling or work hardening. The edges that have been oxy fuel burned or plasma cut become harder then the rest of the steel. The purpose of stress relieving or annealing is to soften the steel to improve its machinability.

The stress relieving or sub-critical annealing process starts by heating the steel to 1150F. for a period of time usually between one and four hours. Then the heat is turned off and the steel is allowed to "soak" and slowly cool in still air. Again, this takes place between one and four hours. At this point the steel is pulled from the furnace and allowed to cool to room temperature.


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