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Steel Bars, Steel Rounds
Hot Rolled, Cold Finished, Alloy Bars


Hot Rolled Steel Bars

Available in rounds, squares, strips, flats, and half rounds.
Please call for more information.
ASTM A36 Low carbon, general purpose for structural applications. Minimum physical properties of 36,000 psi yield strength and 58,000 psi tensile strength.

HR Bars 1018 Low carbon, general purpose, special quality machinery steel, having a higher manganese content. It is better steel for carburized parts, since it produces a harder and more uniformed case. Suitable for applications involving forging, heat treating, cold drawing, and machining.

HR Bars 1117 Low carbon high manganese steel. Used in manufacturing parts requiring considerable machining and close tolerances along with a smooth finish. Especially suitable for carburized parts requiring a soft core and high surface hardness. Used for gears, pinions, pins, and ratchets.

HR Bars 11L17 1117 with the addition of .15% to .35% lead providing improved machinability without changing the excellent case hardening characteristics of 1117.

HR Bars 1215 A resulphurized and rephospherized low carbon steel for use in screw machines: An excellent carburizing grade.

HR Bars 1045 Medium carbon steel used when greater strength and hardness is desired. Can be hammer forged and responds to heat treatment: Suitable for flame and induction hardening. Used in gears, shafts, axles, bolts, studs, and machine parts.

HR Bars 1141 Medium carbon, special quality, manganese steel with improved machinability and a deeper, uniformed heat treatment response than plain carbon steel.

HR Bars 11L41 1141 with the addition of .15% to .35% lead

HR Bars 1144 Similar to 1141 with slightly higher carbon and sulfur content resulting in superior machining and improved response to heat treating.


Cold Rolled Steel Bars

Available in rounds, squares, hex and flats.
CR Bars 1018 Low carbon, medium manganese content. Good hardening properties, fair machinability. Readily brazed and welded.

CR Bars 1117 Low carbon, high manganese steel. Greater machinability over 1018. Case hardening is deep and uniform, supported by a tough ductile core. Withstands bending, broaching and most deforming without cracking.

CR Bars 11L17 1117 with addition of .15% to .35% lead for faster machining without changing the case hardening characteristics.

CR Bars 12L14 Lead bearing steel with extraordinarily fast machining speeds. Widely used in screw machining work. Has excellent ductility and fine surface quality.

CR Bars 1215 Resulphurized and rephosphorized free machining steel, commonly referred to as screw stock. Especially suited for automatic screw machine shops where the major requirement is exceptional free-cutting quality with a good finish.

CR Bars 1045
Medium carbon with higher strength than 1018. Used where greater strength is required than can be obtained from lower carbon steels. Applications include shafts, machinery parts, bolts, pinions, and gears.

CR Bars 1141
Medium carbon steel with higher mechanical and free machining properties. Recommended for studs, axles, pins, bolts, and various parts requiring considerable machining, close finish tolerances, bright finish, and high mechanical properties.

CR Bars 1144
Carbon - manganese free machining grades which have been severely cold worked to produce high tensile properties. The bars are specially treated to relieve the stresses set up by cold working, thus minimizing the tendency toward warpage after machining which is common in ordinary cold drawn bars. Used in arbors, keyed shafts, spindles, gears, pinions, piston rods, lead screws, mandrels, bushings, and collets.

CR Bars
Medium carbon free machining steel with higher mechanical properties than stress-proof. These properties are produced by a process of drawing steel at elevated temperatures, developed and patented by Lasalle steel co. The result is a steel with high tensile strength, uniformity of properties, and excellent machinability.


Alloy Bars

Available in rounds, squares, and flats.
Alloy Bars 4130 A through hardening chromium molybdenum alloy steel. Combination of good weldability and formability with mild hardenability has made this one of the most popular alloy steels for welded parts. Required strength for many applications can be obtained by normalizing without necessity for liquid quenching. This steel can be successfully nitrated for maximum wear and abrasion resistance.

Alloy Bars 4140 A through hardening chromium molybdenum carbon steel not subject to temper embrittlement. It is recommended for heavy duty service. 4140 has high hardenability, good fatigue, abrasion, and impact resistance. It can be successfully nitrided for maximum wear and abrasion resistance. It is deep hardening suitable for severe service characterized by fatigue, abrasion, impact, high temperature stresses or combination of such stresses in both small and large sections.

Alloy Bars 4340 A tough, shock resisting, oil hardening nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel. In the heat treated condition it is the highest combination of tensile and endurance strengths along with ductility. Maintains good strength properties at elevated temperatures. The high depth hardness is reflected in excellent torque properties. Recommended for heavy duty, high strength applications.

Alloy Bars 8620 Most widely used case hardening alloy steel, with high core strength and toughness. Has low distortion in heat treatment.

Alloy Bars 6150 An electric furnace alloy, nominally .95% chromium, .15% vanadium content. Has high surface hardness combined with low distortion characteristics and good impact resistance.


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